R Kelly - Ignition chords

I'm sure this isn't the 'legit-legit' way to play it, but it's fun to play it like 
this for me, at least.
And as far as strumming goes, I usually just go -down- once for the verses, then -
down--down- for the chorus, but whatever works for you, really.


(("Now usually I don't do this, but uh, go head on and break 'em off with a lil' 
bit of a preview of the remix"))

GNow I ain't tryin' to be rude,
C BmBut hey pretty girl, I'm feelin' you,
AmThe way you do the things you do,
D7Reminds me of my Lexus-Coup
GThat's why I'm all up in yo' grill,
C BmTryin' to get you to a hotel,
AmYou must be a football coach,
D7The way you got me playin' the field
GSo gimme' that toot-toot,
C BmLemme give you that beep-beep
AmRunnin' her hands through my 'fro,
D7Bouncin' on 24's
D7While they say on the radio
GIt's the remix to Ignition
C BmHot 'n fresh out the kitchen
AmMama rollin' that body,
D7Got every man in here wishin',
GSippin' on Coke and rum,
C BmI'm like, so what I'm drunk
AmIt's the freakin' weekend,
D7Baby I'm about to have me some fun, singin'
G C Bm Bounce-bounce, bounce-bounce, bounce-bounce, bounce,
Am D7 Bounce-bounce, bounce...
GNow it's like "Murder She Wrote"
C BmOnce I get you out 'dem clothes,
AmPrivacy is on the door,
D7But still they can hear you screamin' "more!",
GGirl I'm feelin' what'cha feelin,
C BmNo more hopin' and wishin',
AmI'm about to take my key,
D7And stick it in the ignition,
G C BmCrystal poppin' in the stretch navigator,
Am D7We got food everywhere, as if the party was catered,
GWe got fellas to my left,
C BmHonnies on my right,
Am D7We put 'em both together, we got drinkin' all night
G C BmAnd after the show it's the after party
Am D7And after the party, it's the hotel lobby
G C BmAnd 'round about 4, you gotta clear the lobby
Am D7Then take it to your room and **** somebody
G We be off in this Jeep
C Bm Am Foggin' windows up
D7Blastin' the radio
GIn the back of my truck
GBouncin' up and down
C BmStroke it round and round
AmTo the remix,
D7 GWe just thuggin' it out.
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