R Kelly - Ignition chords version 3

Now, usualy i dont do this but uh... give em a lil preview of the remix 


G#7no im not tryin to be rude,
C#7 Cmbut hey pretty girl im feelin you
A#m7 the way you do the things you do
Eb6remind me of my Lexus coup
G#7thats why im all up in yo grill
C#7 Cmtryina get you to a hotel
A#m7you must be a foot ball coach
Eb6 the way you got me playin the field
G#7now gimme that toot toot
C#7 Cmand i'll give you that beep beep
A#mrunnin her hands through my 'fro
Eb/C#bouncin on 24's
while they say on the radio... [chorus]
G#7this is the remix to ignition
C#7 Cmhot and fresh out the kitchen
A#m7 mama rollin that body
Eb6 got evey man in her wishin
G#7sippin on coke and rum
C#7 Cmim like so what im drunk
A#m7its the freakin weekend baby
Eb6im about to have me some fun
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