R5 – Loud chords ver. 2


Capo 4


Am G C F|---0-----3------0-----0---||---1-----3------1-----1---||---2-----0------0-----2---||---2-----0------2-----3---||---0-----2------3-----3---||---0-----3------0-----0---|
(It's just Am, G, C, and F, over and over,) Intro:Am, G, C, F, x2
Am G C Looking for the one tonight
FBut I can't see you
Am G C F 'Cause I'm blinded by all the lights, Oh,
Am G C And I can never get it right,
FI need a breakthrough,
Am G C F Why are you so hard to find?
AmI've been searching every city,
GNever giving up,
CUntil I find my angel,
FDiamond in the Rough,
AmLooking for a signal,
G CBaby turn it up tonight!
AmCome on get Loud, Loud,
GLet it out,
C FShout it out from the rooftops!
AmCome on get Loud, Loud
G C I need you now!
FBaby let me hear you Loud!
Am G CLooking for the one tonight
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