R5 – Falling For You chords

              G D A B

G DYou like mismatched socks with polka dots
A BYou like your pizza cold; I think that's hot
G DYou like to swim at night when the moon is full
A BYou think that makes you strange; I think that's cool
G DAnd you say you're scared
A BThat I won't be there
G D ABaby, I swear
BI'm not going anywhere
GYou can change your hair
DFive times a week
AYou can change your name
B Get a little bit crazy
GYou can dance in the rain
DRockin' secondhand chic
ABut I live for the day
BThat I'm calling you baby
G D'Cause I'm falling for you
A BFor everything that you do
G DBaby, I'm falling for you
AYou might be crazy
But baby,
BI'm falling for you
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