Ra Ra Riot - Boy chords

This is my first tab so I apologize if anything is incorrect. I really like the sound of 
song and just followed the bass notes to figure out the chords. I also am not all that 
with chord names, so sorry for that.

Tuning: standard

Em -022000
Em. 020230
A - 002220
G - 320033
D.- 200232

Em Em. AWhen I have once or twice
Em Em. AThought I lived my life ..
Em Em. AOh oh I'll wake up in a thousand years
Em Em. AWith every ghost I'm looking through
G A D.I was a cold, cold boy
G A D.Hey! Oh when I lie with you
G A D.But when I go back through
G A D.I ......... I
When it's gone and you hope That your mind's made up anekatips Oh I wake up twenty thousand years With every ghost of what I knew Chorus x 2
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