Rachael Yamagata – Sunday Afternoon chords

Sunday Afternoon
R. Yamagata
capo 5
standard tuning
from "Elephants" album but tab from live version at WFUV
happy playing...lindsay t

chords used, () indicates variations of the chords Am7 Em Cmaj7 Em* Eb/Em(?) B7 G-0------0(2)---0-------------------2(3)---|-1(0h1)-0------0-----8------8------0----0-|-0------0------0-----0------0------2----0-|-2------2------2-----9------9------1----0-|-0------2------3-----7------6------2----2-|-0------0------0-----0------0------0----3-|
Am7 Em -0----0--- --0---2----0h1--1--- --0---0---
-0----0---strum--0---0---variations of these two chords-2----2---a few--2---2---make up the intro and verses-0----0---times--2---2----0----0--- --0---0---
n.c. Am7 EmIt's a choice to stay
Am7 EmIt's a dream & I wanna wake
Cmaj7 EmYou have blood on your hands and I'm feeling faint
Am7 B7And honey You can't decide
Am7 EmI'm a drug Ya don't wanna give up
Am7 EmSmoke your cigarettes Make your love
Cmaj7 EmYou poured blood in my heart and I can't get enough
Am7 B7I'm drowning, drowning and you can't decide
Am7It's not about geography, or happenstance
you need to fly, & take a chance
Em* Eb/EmYou don't need to soar to emptiness
Em* Eb/Em Am7Float on high, & forever dance alone
B7Youre scared, scared, scared
Am7 Emcuz I feel like home
Am7 Em (couple times)
Am7 EmHear your voice Knew right away
Am7 EmIf you were here your eyes would say
Cmaj7 EmThere is blood on my feet as I'm walking away
Am7 B7Rivers are red Its starting to rain
Am7I'm not gonna live for you or die for you
Won't do anything anymore for you
Em* Eb/EmCuz you leave me here on the other side
Em* Eb/EmYou leave me here on the other side
(repeat 3 times)
G EmNot gonna shed one more tear for you
G Emshed one more tear for you
G EmI'm not gonna shed one more tear for you
At least not til Sunday Afternoon Sunday Afternoon G Em (couple times)
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