Rachael Yamagata - Litte Life chords

INTRO: Em Cmaj7

Em Cmaj7When all of this
DMakes the news
AmWill they remember to tell it right
C D AmOr will devils make off in the night
CCan you tell me why
D EmI got so high as a kite ( ?? )
EmAs she lays in bed
Cmjaj7 DIn her piece of ground
Will they remember how
AmBlessed soul
C D AmOr just that she lost all control
C D EmCan you tell me why she had to die alone
CAnd people wake up
AmPeople get movin
D G G/F#Theres a life waitin here
EmGet up
AmPeople start doing
D G G/F# EmTheres a life waitin here
(Similar to intro part)
EmWhen all our time
Cmaj7Spent away
AmWe remember the loves of our past
C D AmOr just that love never lasts
C Can you tell me why
D EmThis little life goes so fast
-------------------- Tabbed by Damian damianmartone@msn.com
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