Rachelle Ann Go - I Will Always Love You Anyway tab

Title: I Will Always Love You Anyway
Artist: Rachelle Ann Go
Album: Obsession

Tuning: Standard

Intro: D-A-Bm-A D-A-Bm-A
Verse: Bm F#m Em Why do we keep hurting each other Bm Em Em Why can't we find the right words to say Bm F#m Em We should know better love's not a game Em It's hard enough finding an easy way F#m Em Tell me where did we go wrong Bm F#m Em Are we going giving up and say that it's over Bm F#m Em Is their anyway to make it okay Bm F#m Em It won't be the same if you walk out the door Em Bm True love is always worth fighting for F#m Em Do you think we have a second chance Chorus: D A Why can't we fall in love gain Bm A I Can't live without you D A/C# Back in ecah other's arms again Bm F# Like the way we used to Bm Am7 D7 But if after all is said and one G C You still walk away Em A I will always love you D-A-Bm-A anyway Verse 2: Bm F#m Em Everything now has come for a reason Bm F#m Em Why does it seems like life is a game Bm F#m Em if we can save all the good we had Bm Remember the moments and keep the past F#m Em A We can hold on to our time and place (chorus) Bridge: G Bm If love could only stay with us forever G A Bb If you could only feel how my heart breaks you Bb would say
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