Rachmaninof - Piano Concerto For Guitar tab

** This file represents only my own interpretation of the song.                 **
** It is not necessarily correct. You may use it to tab your own interpretation **           
** For those of you that use this for recreational purposes: Enjoy.             **

*E(of3) means standard chord E with a bar on 3, its like a moving capo so in reality 
E(of3) is G is standard chords but i can't be bothered to find the names of the others)
*can't remember where i heard it and can't remeber which concerto its from just tabbed 
what i did remember. if anyone knows the title please post it in 'comments'.


then play E(of3), E(of7), E(of5), E(of2) E(of2), E(of5), E(of3), open E
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