Racoon - Heros In Town tab

Title     : Hero's in Town
Artist    : Racoon
Album     : Another Day
Capo      : none
Setting   : Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb
Tabbed by : Edwin de Jong

A      x02220
G      3x0033
A5     577xxx
C5     x355xx
G5     355xxx
F5     133xxx
F      133211

      A5              G               A5              G

Speel Riff1 over de coupletten Verse 1 You read about it in the papers, you hear about it on the news The hero's in town You never know who called him, there's nothing you can do Cause the hero's in town Flying over heads and he's fixing things as new The hero's in town Yeah people worship on a daily basis before in the afternoon The hero's in town, yeah the hero's in town Chorus A5 C G5 Sure come in handy: a hero in town A5 C G5 Offering candy to everyone A5 C G5 Oh what a guy; you'd better sleep with a gun F5 G5
Eb----------------------------------|Bb----------------------------------|Gb--------0---------------0---------|Db------------0---------------0-----|Ab--3--x----------3/5--x------------|Eb--1--x----------1/3--x------------| Riff1
The hero is in town Verse 2 Look another way, my friend. Is it safe it safe enough to go out there Cause the hero's in town, the hero's in town So should we trust or loath him, should we break or take his hand cause Cause the hero's in town. the hero's in town He's leaning on his golden kane, he gives away free hurricanes The hero's in town, the hero's in town Forgotten money, he's devil's religion hold the beast inside The hero's in town Herhaal Chorus Sure comes in handy: a hero in town He's offering candy to everyone What's good's a hero in this mixed up world Bridge (deel1) F G C A This lonesome and our freaky world? (2x) Bridge (deel2) A5 G5 A5 G5 We'll it's monkey see and it's monkey do the monkey wants that we come straight through A5 G5 A5 G5 Smalltalk travels quicker than the truth can tie it's shoe yeah Herhaal chorus Sure come in handy: a hero in town Offering candy to everyone Oh what a guy; you'd better sleep with a gun Cause he hero is in for the money.. outro A5 G5 F G Am
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