Radical Face - The Dead Waltz chords

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Capo 1

GI saw your daughter yesterday
A Bmas I was idle on the porch
A Gshe slept-walked from your house down the walkway
A Bm as though she'd done it all before
A Gand the moon was out
Interlude: A Bm A G A Bm A G and in her gown beside the riverbed
A Bmshe got down on her knees
A G and wrapped her long hair up in vines, and leaves, and branches
A Bmand with the wind beneath her feet
oh, she waltzed with the dead Interlude: C Em D C Em
Dand everything was bathed
C Emin light white as milk
Gas the impossible began
D C she danced across the water's edge
Em Gbut her feet, they didn't sink
D C Em D Gas though she flew
G (hold for a long time) D A G
D I ran out in the water
Awith a lantern in my hand
GI was waste deep and shivering
I took her wrist and walked her in
DI was loathe to interrupt her
A but I had to get her home
G Dif people were to see this they'd gather up, raise hell and burn her alive
Gdon't you mind, don't you mind
she'll be fine tie a bell around her ankle before she lays down at night and the sound of her footsteps will wake me in time don't you mind, don't you mind I'll watch over her
Das though she were mine
I feel like I'm missing some chords, help us out in the comments. -Ben Malley
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