Radiohead – Super Collider tab

If you haven't heard this check youtube for bootlegs. Tabbed from a video of Malahide 
6/7/08, the second show they played it at. By the time it's released it will no doubt be 
but I'll try to remember to update it then.

I play the verses this way, sounds better and is more fun to play I think:

C FE|---0-----0-----0-----0-----1-----1-----1-----1----|B|---1-----1-----1-----1-----1-----1-----1-----1----|G|---0-----0-----0-----0-----2-----2h3---2-----2h3--|D|---2-----2h3---2-----2h3---3-----3-----3-----3----|A|---3-----3-----3-----3-----0-----0-----0-----0----|E|--------------------------------------------------| Super Collider Tossed in the moonlight--------------------------------------------------------------------------
INTRO: C F C F C Super collider F Tossed in the moonlight C Out it could scatter F Brought in from the sea C Swimming up stream F Before the heavens crack open C Thin pixelations F Coming up from the dust C In a blue light F In a green light C In a half life F In a arc light C I'm a bass bin F For the foul being C I'm a pulse wave F I'm slipping Ebm Ebm/d D C F I put the shadows back into the boxes C F C i'm open F i'm welcome C for a fraction F of a second C I have jettisoned F my illusions C I have dislodged F my depressions Ebm Ebm/d D C C I put the shadows back into the boxes Ebm Ebm/d D C C I put the shadows back into the boxes OUTRO: C Eb C Eb C Eb
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