Radiohead – Nice Dream tab ver. 2


Here's the intro to this nice little songie. Please finish it!

(nice dream) - Radiohead
From their 2nd album The Bends.
Kasper van Benten (

Capo 5th.

For the intro move an open E: 

C:	055400     5(10)(10)955 
B: 	044300	   599855
Bb:	033200	   588755
A:	022100	   577655

Do that twice.

For the verses: I think they start with an A and then a D (002220). Not sure.


they love me like i was a brother
they protect me
listen to me
they dug me my very own garden
gave me sunshine
made me happy. nice dream.

i call up my friend the good angel
but she's out with
her ansaphone
she says she would love to come help but
the sea would
electrocute us all. nice dream.

if you think that you're strong enough
if you think you belong enough.

nice dream.

[nice dream]

here's a couple add on parts to [nice dream] by radiohead
comments, corrections to

*intro riff* (the one that comes after the rythm plays C-B-Bb-A x2 )rythm plays just A during (pretty sure) =========================e|-------------------------|B|-----2----------0--------|G|-------2-----------0-----| x2D|---2------2--1--------1--|A|-------------------------| E|-------------------------| =========================
*bridge* ======================================================e|------------------------------------------------------|B|--0--3--5s4s5---0--3--5s4------0--3--5s4s5---0--3--5s4|G|--------------------------2--D|---------------------------0---
======================================================e|--16--15--14---20--19--17--|B|---------------------------| x2G|---------------------------|D|---------------------------|
that's it! hope you enjoy...i'm not totally sure about the end of the bridge so correct me if i'm wrong
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