Radiohead - No Surprises tab

From:   Derry Reen []
Sent:   Friday, December 12, 1997 6:09 PM

No Surprises by RADIOHEAD
Words and Music by  Phil Selway,Colin Greenwood,Ed O'Brien,
                         Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke .
From the album  OK COMPUTER (1997)
Tabbed by David Reen
I will show you what to play when each chord appears in the song.

(capo on 12th fret)F Dm--5------------- --5-------------------------6------- -----------6------------5------5----- ------7---------7------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ --------------------
A# Rhy. Fill 1-6------------------- ----------3---------------6------------ ------6---------------7------7--------- -3--6---------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- ------------------
Rhy. Fill 2--------------------------6-5----------------6-----------------5---------------5--5h7-----------------------------------------------------------
Rhy. Fill 3-----------------------------------------1--0---3--1---1-------------------------------------------------3---3---2---0-------------------------------------------------0----0-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
INTRO F F F Rhy. fill 1 F F F Rhy. fill 1 F F F F Dm Dm A heart thats full up like a land fill Dm Dm A# A# A job that slowly kills you Rhy. fill 2 Bruises that won't heal F F F Rhy. Fill 1 (*same as above for the second verse*) F F F F I'll take a quiet life Dm Dm Dm Dm A handshake of carbon monoxide Rhy. Fill 3 And no alarms and no surprises Rhy. Fill 3 No alarms and no surprises Rhy. Fill 3 No alarms and no surprises F F F Rhy. fill 1 Please..... F F F Rhy. Fill 1 Silence F F F Rhy. fill 1 Silence (*same as above*) This is my final fit My final Belly-ache With No alarms and no surprises No alarms and no surprises No alarms and no surprises Please
BRIDGE C A#---------------------------------------------6--5---3-------------------5-------5h6p5--------------------3----------------6-------------5-----5----------5------5--------3----3-------------------------5---------------------5----------3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
C A#---------------------------------------------6--5---3-------------------5-------5h6p5--------------------3----------------6-------------5-----5----------5------5--------3----3-------------------------5---------------------5----------3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(*same chords as above*) Such a pretty house And such a pretty garden (let me out of here) (sung by Ed' O Brien) With No alarms and no surprises (let me out of here) No alarms and no surprises (let me out of here) No alarms and no surprises F F F Rhy. fill 1 F F F Rhy. Fill 1 Please
This alternative ending was played at Glastonbury '97,it follows the string ending to the recorded version.the intro can be played as the outro in its stead if you want.F--5-----5----5---------------------------------------1-----6-----6----6-------------------------------------1----5-5---5-5--5-5-6-5-3--6-5-3------------3----------2--------------------------------7-3--3-5-6----5-3-----3---------------------------------------------------6--3------------------------------------------------------1-
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