Radiohead - Reminder tab

Song: A Reminder
Band: Radiohead
Tabbed by: Soldier Poet (Pieter K.)
Tuning: Standard

This is a nice but quite unknown song. But like almost all Radiohead songs, it has this 
ambience. :)

There are three different guitars playing in this song; I`ve put the Guitar 1 parts first
and at the end you can find the other parts if you need them.
I`ve done this because the Guitar 1 parts are the most important, and to avoid confusion.


During the intro, Guitar 1 plays something like this:

Just vary a bit with this. Or just strum the E chord! Verse 1:
Guitar 1 plays these chords in this order: E C G Gmaj7 Ee|-0-|-3-|-3-|-2-|--0-|B|-0-|-5-|-3-|-3-|--0-|G|-1-|-5-|-4-|-0-|--1-|D|-2-|-5-|-5-|-0-|--2-|A|-2-|-3-|-5-|-1-|--2-|E|-0-|---|-3-|-3-|--0-|
Listen to the song for the strumming pattern. E C G Gmaj7 E If I get old, I'll not give in And if I do, remind me of this Remind me that I was once free Once I was cool Once I was me E C G Gmaj7 E And if I sit down and cross my arms Hold me up to this song Chorus: D A C E Knock me out, smash out my brains C E B Am E If I take a chair, start to talk shit... Verse 2: E C G Gmaj7 E If I get old, remind me of this: That night we kissed, and I really meant it Whatever happens, if we're still speaking Pick up the phone, play me this song GUITAR 2 & 3 PARTS Intro: Guitar 2 (distorted) plays small fills through the intro, like:
e|------------------|B|------------------|G|-----11/12\11-----| Also just improvise a bit in E major and withD|------------------| the notes from the Guitar 1 part, use yourA|------------------| imagination!E|------------------|
Guitar 3: from around 0:55 you can hear a third guitar strumming this chord. It`s best strum this with your nails because it sounds too heavy when played with a plectrum:
e|---|B|---|G|-9-| Listen to the song for the strumming pattern.D|-9-|A|-7-|E|---|
Verse 1: Guitar 2 (overdriven) just plays this chord a lot during the verse (once at the of each bar):
And at certain moments he plays this:
He also plays other fills, but again just improvise a bit. Guitar 3 quietly strums this all the time (every bar, just listen to the song):
Chorus: I think Guitar 2 just plays arpeggio`s here but I`m not sure yet. I`ll do this later I suppose. Soloish thingy by Guitar 2 (distorted):
Now THAT is hard, huh? :) Verse 2: Guitar 2: repeat earlier notes and fills, the only clear fill that can be heard here is little bend: G|-11b-| (distorted)
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