Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees tab ver. 2

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"Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead

Done by Matt Simpson -

Corrections to file done by: ***noted with stars***
>This file done by: "Glenn Rubenstein">Special thanks to:>-----------------------------------------------------------
This is mainly correct, except F#m is wrong, the chord is actually 2x0220 (maybe Dsus4dim/F#???) And there is an E in there as well (added) played with 022120 *E*: 022120 *Ddim*: 2x0220 Corrected Version: A *Ddim* Her green plastic watering can *E* D For her fake chinese rubber plant A D In the fake plastic earth A *Ddim* That she bought from a rubber man *E* D In a town full of rubber plans A D To get rid of itself ***Now, the Bm is actually a Bm11, and the A is played differently Bm(11): 7x0770 A : x07650 Bm It wears her out.. A It wears her out.. Bm It wears her out.. A It wears her out The rest of the song is played the same way, see previous version for full song. Cheers, Matt
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