Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place chords

Song: Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Artist: Radiohead
Album: In Rainbows
Tabbed by: Hannes Fors
This song is actually in Drop D tuning, but these chords are for standard 
tuning. In the instrumental sections "|" marks the start of a bar. In the 
verses the placement of the chords are just approximate. Listen to the 
song to get the proper rhythm for the chord changes.

|Bm  |Bm  |Bm  |Bm
|Bbm  |Bbm  |Dmaj7  |D6
|Gmaj7  |Dmaj7/F#   D/F#   |Gmaj7  |Dmaj7/F#   D/F#   

|Bm  |Bm  |Bm  |Bm
|Bbm  |Bbm  |Dmaj7 |D6
|Gmaj7  |Dmaj7/F#   D/F#   |Gmaj7  |Dmaj7/F#   D/F#   

Bm Just as you take my hand
Just as you write my number down Just as the drinks arrive Just as they play your favourite song
G F#m G As your bad day disappears
F#m Em F#m Em D* ANo longer wound up like a spring
A GBefore you've had too much
E5 F#5 E5 D*Come back in focus again
BmThe walls are bending shape
You've got a cheshire cat grin All blurring into one This place is on a mission
G F#m GBefore the night owl
F#m Em F#m Em D* Before the animal noises
A GClosed circuit cameras
E5 F#5 E5 D*Before you comatose
|B5 |B5 |B5 |B5 |B5 |B5 |B5 |B5 |D/B |D/B |D/B |D/B |D/B |D/B |D/B |D/B
BmBefore you run away from me
Before you're lost between the notes The beat goes round and round The beat goes round and round
G F#m GI never really got there
F#m Em F#m Em D* A I just pretended that I had
A GWords are blunt instruments
E5 F#5 E5 D*Words are sawn off shotguns
BmCome on and let it out
Come on and let it out Come on and let it out Come on and let it out
G F#m GBefore you run away from me
F#m Em F#m Em D* ABefore your lost between the notes
A GJust as you take the mic
E5 E5 F#5 E5 D*Just as you dance, dance, dance
|Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm |Bbm |Bbm |Dmaj7 |D6 |Gmaj7 |Dmaj7/F# D/F# |Gmaj7 |Dmaj7/F# D/F#
BmA Jigsaw falling into place
So there is nothing to explain
BbmYou eye each other as you pass
Dmaj7 D6She looks back and you look back
Gmaj7 Dmaj7/F# D/F#Not just once
Gmaj7 Dmaj7/F# D/F#and not just twice
BmWish away your nightmare
Wish away the nightmare
Bbm You got the light you can feel it on your back
Dmaj7 D6[A light,] you can feel it on your back
Gmaj7 Dmaj7/F# D/F#Your jigsaw falling
Gmaj7 Dmaj7/F# D/F#into place
|Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm |Bm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The D* chord:
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