Radiohead – Bulletproof... Wish I Was tab

The Chords for Bullet proof are as follows:

Am7:  XO2010
Cmaj7:  X32000
G:  320033
D:  X00232

Bbdim7:  X13133

Am7              Cmaj7           G             D
Nail by nail and tooth by tooth tearing up inside of me
Am7      Cmaj7           G          D
Everyday every hour just wish that i                 
Am7            Cmaj7      G     D
was bullet proof

Am7       Cmaj7   G                 D
So wax me mold me heat the pins and stab them in
Am7                Cmaj7          G           D
you have turned me into this just wish that it 
           G         D       C
was bullet Proof (word is sang over the 3 chords)
       G        D      C  Bbdim7(note strummed once and let it ring out)
Bullet proof

Am7                 Cmaj7       G             D
So pay me money and take a shot lead fill the hole in me
Am7           Cmaj7              G         D
i could burst million bubbles all surrogate 
           G         D        C       repeat this twice and end with Bbdim7
and bullet proof
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