Radiohead - Codex chords version 3

A new song off of 'King of Limbs'. Amaaaaazing song. Most of these chords are 
standard, but there are two crazy ones, so I'll provide tabs for all of the chords:

C - x32010
Bb - x1333x
Dm - xx0231 or x57765
Gm - 355333
Am - x02210Am7add13(no5) - x05755
D11(no5)/C - X32032 (think Cadd9 with the last string on the 2nd fret) Intro: C - Bb - Dm C - Bb - Dm - Dm
C Bb DmSleight of hand
Gm Am BbJump off the end
Bb Am C Bb-C (quickly)Into a clear lake
C Bb AmNo one around
These repeat through out the whole song until the end. Just dragonflies Fantasize No one gets hurt You've done nothing wrong Slide your hand Jump off the end The water's clear and innocent The water's clear and innocent Instrumental Outro: Am7add13(no5) - D11(no5)/C - Bb - Am - C - Bb-C (quickly) - Bb - Dm Hope this wasn't too sloppy as it is my first tab on here. Hope this helps everyone!
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