Radiohead - Codex chords version 4




C Bb DmSlight of hand
F Gm (Am) Bb Jump off the end *<---the (Am) if you listen to the song you
Bb C Bb-C play it but if it gives you trouble you can Into a clear lake skip it.
C-Bb Dm *the [Bb-C] Relatively faster strummingNo one around listen to the song.
C Bb DmJust dragonflies
F Gm (Am) BbFlying to the side
Bb C Bb-C No one gets hurt
C- Bb DmYou've done nothing wrong
C Bb DmSlide your hand
F-Gm (Am) BbJump off the end
Bb C Bb-C The water's clear
C- Bb DmAnd innocent
Bb CThe water's clear
C DmAnd innocent
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