Radiohead - Egyptian Song tab

 * RADIOHEAD - Egyptian Song (Nothing to Fear)
 * Unreleased
 * Guitar tab by Colin F 

Here is kind of a weak version of nothing to fear that i banged out really 
quickly on the guitar.  Its not great but at least its something for everyone 
to work with.

chords used: Fm# G A E1I-2-------3---------0--------02I-2-------3---------2--------03I-3-------0---------2--------14I-4-------0---------2--------25I-4-------2---------0--------26I-2-------3---------X--------0
Intro: Fm# - G - A -G -Fm# Fm# G A G Fm# Jumped into the ri ver Fm# E G Fm# Blacked eyed angels swm with me This is pretty much how it goes throughout the song. ======================================= Guitar Archive at Planet Telex Max Kolombos ---------------------------------------
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