Radiohead – True Love Waits tab

true love waits tab by karl tobin....

CHORDS USED: ...i'm bad at chord names,they prob wrong but u'll get the idea

 Cmaj      Em/C      Am      G#sus

E--0-- --0-- --0-- --6--B--1-- --1-- --1-- --4--G--0-- --0-- --2-- --5--D--2-- --2-- --2-- --X-- <--mute D string with forefingerA--3-- --2-- --0-- --6-- E--X-- --0-- --X-- --X--
Gmaj G-7 G* Fmaj Fsus (same shape as G#sus)
E--3-- --1-- --X-- --0-- --3--B--0-- --0-- --1-- --1-- --1--G--0-- --0-- --0-- --2-- --2--D--0-- --0-- --0-- --3-- --X--A--2-- --2-- --2-- --3-- --3--E--3-- --3-- --3-- --X-- --X--
throughout the song hammer ons are used on each (well most) chords with the forefinger...listen to the song to get the rhythym. 2nd verse and instrum also has pinky and forefinger on high E string 3rd and 1st frets...again listen, you'll get the idea. INTRO ----- Chords as verse. VERSE 1 ------- ¦Cmaj ¦E/C ¦Am ¦G#sus ¦¦ CHORUS ------ ¦Cmaj ¦Fmaj G* ¦Cmaj ¦Fmaj G* ¦Am ¦Gmaj ¦ VERSE 2 ------- As Verse 1 CHORUS (as above) ------- INSTRUM. -------- ¦Cmaj ¦E/C ¦Am ¦Gmaj G#sus Fsus¦ VERSE 3 ------- As Verse 1+2 CHORUS (as before) ------- OUTRO - Don't leave, don't leave - as chorus END WITH - Gmaj / G-7 / Cmaj LYRICS: ------- I'll drown my beliefs to have your babys I'll dress like your aunt and wash your swollen feet just dont leave, dont leave.. I'm not living I'm just killing time Your tiny hands your crazy kitten smile just dont leave, dont leave.. and true love waits in haunted attics and true love lives on lollipops and crisps just dont leave, dont leave.. dont leave, dont leave..
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