Radiohead – Daydreaming chords


Gm  G/F  G  Fmaj7
Gm  G/F  G  Cm7
C7  C
C7  C

[Verse 1]

Main riff:

Play during Gm Play during G/Fe|-5-----5-----5-----5-----|-3-----3-----3-----3-----|B|-----5-----5-----5-----5-|-----3-----3-----3-----3-|G|---7-----7-----7-----7---|---5-----5-----5-----5---|D|-------------------------|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|-------------------------|
Play during G Play during Fmaj7e|-3-----3-----3-----3-----|-5-----5-----5-----5-----|B|-----3-----3-----3-----3-|-----5-----5-----5-----5-|G|---5-----5-----5-----5---|---7-----7-----7-----7---|D|-------------------------|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|-------------------------|
Gm G/F G Fmaj7Dreamers, they never learn, they never learn
Gm G/F G Fmaj7Beyond the point, of no return, of no return
Gm G/F G Csus2And it's too late, the damage is done, the damage is done
[Interlude] Csus2 Cm Csus2 Cm Csus2/G Cm/G Csus2/G Cm/G [Verse 2]
Gm G/F G Fmaj7This goes, beyond me, beyond you
Gm G/F G Fmaj7The white room, by window, where the sun goes through
Gm G/F G Csus2We are just happy to serve, just happy to serve, you
[Interlude] Csus2 Cm Csus2 Cm Csus2/G Cm/G Csus2/G Cm/G
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