Radiohead - Bullet Proofi Wish I Was tab

"Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was" by Radiohead
From "The Bends"
Transcribed by Steven McGovern 

Am7     x02010
Cmaj7   x32000
Bm?     x20032
Dsus2   xx0230
Csus2   x3003x
G/B     x2003x
G       320033
Cadd9   x3203x
Bb6     x1303x


Am7 | Cmaj7 | Bm? | Dsus2 *(Csus2  G/B) | Am7 | Cmaj7 | Bm? | Dsus2 | Dsus2  | 

*= only now and then but not all the time


G  | Bm? | Cadd9 | Cadd9 | G | Bm? | Cadd9 | Bb6

Chorus Riffe---------0----------------0--------------------------0------------------------B--------12----12---------12----12----12------------7-7---7-------7---7--------G-11p0------------11p0----------------11--11p0--7p0-0-------7p0-0---------0---0D------12---12---------12----12----12---------------7---7-------7---7---7---5--A------------------------------------------------------------------------------E------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*= strummed slowly -Steven McGovern
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