Radiohead - Big Boots Man O War tab

* RADIOHEAD - Big Boots (Man-O-War)
 * Unreleased
 * Guitar tab by OJ Lim
                 Cathy Fan

Intro/main riff: Am D/F# F D/F#E----------7p5---------------7p5---------------7p5---------------7p5--------|B----5---5-------5-----4---4-------4-----3---3-------3-----4---4-------4----|G--5---5-------5---5-5---5-------5---5-5---5-------5---5-5---5-------5---5--|
Am D/F# drift all you like F from ocean to ocean D/F# Am search the whole world D/F# drunken confessions F and hijacks and films D/F# Am just make you moan alone if you come home i'll bake you a cake lay your velvet eyes i wish i could see you just when i kill you're my man-o-war C C/B Am7 G D/F# F and the worms will eat you whole Chords: EADGBE D/F# 200230 C/B X20020 Am7 X02010 ================================================================================ From : Cathy Fan Rough Draft Number 1 - Corrections, additions are most welcome. Or, take the Jonny route and put in your own kinks. [quick tabbed by ] In addition to the chords which OJ posted, you can use this in place of the F if you wish: Dsus2/F [100230] - Riff - 3x - second time is variation of it.
- OR - (use which ever one floats your boat)
After the ''re my man-o-war' bit. Add some squeals, slides, pops etc.
Just play about on these notes to get 'dirty' sounding notes. Hmm.
After the 'worms will eat...' part. [NB: this is very sketchy- I'm not sure how to show the 13-14-12 bit. There's some major bending, so you can mess around w/ that]
As for the part under the lyrics which go: 'so unplug your phone stop all the chatter it all comes flooding back from poisoned clouds to poison the world ' ...I'm still working on it. ======================================= Guitar Archive at Planet Telex Max Kolombos ---------------------------------------
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