Radiohead – Transatlantic Drawl tab

I couldn't find a tab for this anywhere, so I decided to work it out myself, and its pretty easy.

I think the intro's played on bass, but if you put your guitar in Drop D it works as well.

Intro ( x 12 )e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|D|-0-0-0-3-5-3-5-3-5/6\3-|
Guitar Part1 ( x 2 )e|-----------------------------------------|B|-333--6--8-8-8--10-10-10-10--13-13-12-12-|G|-----------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|
Guitar Part2 ( x 4 )e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|-0-0-0-3-5-3-5-3-5/6\3-|A|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|
Guitar Part3 ( x 3 )e|----------------------------------------|B|----*-----------------------------------|G|-7777777--7-7-7-10-12-10-12-10-12/13\10-|D|----------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|*not entirely sure exactly whats going on here, I think there must be some sort of on the guitar, but you can get the effect by playing "un-exactly" with lots of feedback. go nuts)
After that, it goes back to Part2 untill the song breaks into a weird electronic organ....thing. Thats it basically. Crank up the overdrive and go nuts, its a fun song to play. Any or ammendments, email
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