Rage Against The Machine - Darkness tab

te: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 01:11:50 PST
From: Adam Blazczak 
Subject: RATM tab

Here's tab for "Darkness" from Rage against The Machine, found on "The 
Crow" Soundtrack CD...

Throughout the song:

drop 6th string one whole step to D

let ring 1/2 step 1/2 stepe-------------------0--------------------------------0----------------B----------------12----12--------------------------7----7-------------G-------------11-----------11--------------------6---------6----------D----------12----------------------------------7----------------------A---------------------------------------------------------------------D---------------------------------------------------------------------
the distorted part is played with a dropped D tuning
up to like 12th fret then downA----0H2----3P2--------------x/------\x-------------------------------D----0H2----3P2--------------x/------\x-------------------------------
4th time
EASY! :) I'm too f*$#ing lazy to do the solo, so e-mail me if you have it! Adam -> adzio@hotmail.com
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