Rage Against The Machine – War Within A Breath tab

I think it goes something like this... Tune your Whammy up 2 octaves, and just play this:

A-riffE|--7+-------10--|B|--7+-----------|G|--7+-----------| + = 2 octaves up(toe down)D|--7+-----------| o = normal pitch (toe up)A|---------------| / =push at the same moment of playing the note(s)D|---------------| o/+ o
Repeat it until this part: (00:29)
B partE|-------------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|B|-------------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|G|-------14----14----|----13----13----|----12----12----|----11----11-----|D|-12-12----12---12--|-12----12----12-|-12----12----12-|-12----12----12--| X2A|-------------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|D|-------------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
At 00:48 the killing riff of the chorus:
Then again the A-riff, and the B part, and at 01:55 strum the strings putting your hand on them to produce the classic percussion sound until the chorus arrives! (02:01) At 02:20 just mess around and play the 4th string along with notes of D major scale on the 3rd string, 7 fret (or something like that...:s) Finally, at 02:33, when Zack wishpers "It's land or death" just rock on with the Chorus until 03:02, where Tom just does (I think) alternate sounds pushing the Whammy set two up at the same moment he plays harmonics on the 19th fret... something like this:
A-riffE|--19+----19+--|--19+----19+-|B|--19+----19+--|--19+----19+-|G|--19+----19+--|--19+----19+-| + = 2 octaves up(toe down)D|--19+----19+--|--19+----19+-| o = normal pitch (toe up)A|--------------|-------------|D|--------------|-------------| o/+ /o + o/+/o +
Hope it works and it helps! See ya mates!
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