Rage Against The Machine – Fistful Of Steel tab

You will need some kind of distortion for most of this song. A whammy isn't needed, but can help
in parts of the song (i.e.- Riff 2, you can take the note down one/two octaves and play there).

Riff 1 (chorus)

E ----------------------- -------|B ----------------------- -------|G ---------------------2- x8 then-------|D -2--4-4-x-x--2--4-4--2- --4----|let this ring...A -2--4-4-x-x--2--4-4---- --4----|E ----------------------- -------|
Riff 2
E --12\--------------|B -------------------| x8G -------------------|D -------------------|A -------------------|E -------------------|
Riff 3
E -------------------|B -------------------|G -------------------| x 16D --4--3--2----------|A -----------0-------|E -------------------|
Riff 4
E -------------------------------|B ---------2---------------------|G ---------2---------------------|D -2--4-4-----4--3--2----4--3--2-|A -2--4-4-------------0----------|E -------------------------------|
\ : fall Sequence: Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 1 Riff 2 Solo (not tabbed, sorry) Riff 3 Riff 4
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