Raging Speedhorn – Thumper tab

Raging Speedhorn - Thumper.
Tabbed by Nick Farichild  Nick_f@btinternet.com.
Artist: Raging Speedhorn
Song: Thumper
Transcribed by: Nick Fairchild
E-mail: Nick_f@btinternet.com

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Tuning: db ab db
Lots of gain.


db-----------------ab----------------- X4db--00--30--50--6-
db--00--30--50--6--ab--00--30--50--6-- X12db--00--30--50--6-
db--10-10-9-10-10-9-10-10-9--4--ab--10-10-9-10-10-9-10-10-9--4-- X4db--10-10-9-10-10-9-10-10-9-4--
Verse Chorus Then there's a solo of some sort that I don't know if its bass or muted guitar. Bridge:
db--00--44--33-0--22--ab--00--44--33-0--22-- X8db--00--44--33-0--22--
Chorus Intro X2 Verse X8 Ends by sliding up the board. :: Ultimate Guitar Archive :: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com
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