Raging Speedhorn - Dungeon Whipped tab

Transcribed by: Nick Fairchild
E-mail: Nick_f@btinternet.com

E-mail any mistsakes! Enjoy..
Tuning: db ab gb
lots of gain.


db--10--9--8--|-4/5-55-555-|-- The brackets are repeated 3 ab--10--9--8--|-4/5-55-555-|-- times, the whole thing 7db--10--9--8--|-4/5-55-555-|-- times.
db--------------------------ab-------------------------- X3db--10/12--12-12--12-12-12-- The chorus is played 2 times,
without the first bit.db-------------------------- ab-------------------------- X3db-13/15--15-15--15-15-15-
Verse 2:
Verse Chorus
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