Ragnarok - Outro tab

                          From the Album ARISING REALM
                          Copyright 1996 Head Not Found
                          Version 1.0 - December 1998

Transcribed by: Zack Demianczyk(Malignant)
 email Zack at dio@nauticom.net, for questions or corrections

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(Malignant Tablature Dominion)

/     slide up
\     slide down
p     pull on
h     hammer on
~     vibrato
.     palm mute

	This song from them is a cool little outro it only took me 5 minutes
   or so to figure it out. So I just figured that I'd post it on my page. Great
   name for a song huh. Oh well they can do what they want. Also more songs
   from this album are coming so check back often.

Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G,B,E)

play 8 times (guitar)|---------------------------------------------------------------||--3-------1--------------------3--3----------------------------||--2--3-2--2--3-2---5--0--0h2h3-2--2--3-2-----------------------||--0-------2--------5-----------0--0--------5-3--2---3-2-0----7-||-------------------3-----------------------3--------1-----3--5-||---------------------------------------------------------------|
play 6 times (guitar)|---------------------------------------------------------------||--3-------1--------------------3--3----------------------------||--2--3-2--2--3-2---5--0--0h2h3-2--2--3-2-----------------------||--0-------2--------5-----------0--0--------5-3--2---3-2-0----7-||-------------------3-----------------------3--------1-----3--5-||---------------------------------------------------------------|
| keyboard arranged for guitar ||--5--6-5-8---6-5---3---5--6--5--5--6-5--10-12--13-12--10-12-10-||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------|
This tab is not permitted or any others off my page to by posted anywhere without asking me in head of time. For all the time it takes me to do some of these tabs please ask me first, I would appreciate it, Zack Demianczyk (dio@nauticom.net)
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