Railroad Earth - Day On The Sand chords

DAY ON THE SAND                                  

I've left out a lot of detail, so this is just the skeleton of the songÖ no 
mistakes-mistakes that I'm aware of.

Capo on 6


C G/B D/A C DOh my love the long day unwinds
So many memories Underneath these pines The house down the old road it still looks the same But no one to greet us down the gravel lane [chorus]
C G D EmWe donít need to go Till youíre ready to go
I donít need to know Till you want me to know Let me sing you a song So you know where Iíll stand
C (lots of nonchordtones in the melody)
With my hand in your hand Em Em C Em C G/B [verse2] Oh my love sheath to unbind So many knotted endings to unwind A box full of letters A long time ago A lifetime of love That you didnít even know [chorus repeats]
Em (noodling up top)Sheís sailing on
C DSailing on
[verse3] A song and a story Upon land of prayer The wind and the water The sun and the air A day of redemption A day on the sand A shell full of ash Let it fly from your hand [chorus repeats] Sheís sailing on Sailing on C G/B D/A............
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