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Blood Around The Cafe
Raimon Smit

WEBSITE: www.raimonsmit.tk
WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/raimonsmit
WEBSITE: www.raimon-smit.hyves.nl

 E      D         A        E
I see blood around the cafe
 E            D         A     E
I start to remember from when
 E            D            A           E
This is the house where thoughts were born
 E             D         A     E
The bad ones ruin the streets.

 E         D            A     E
Cold and alone in the dark
 E            D        A      E
They found they’re way to the ones
 E            D        A      E
They knew would be they’re enemies
 E                D        A    E
They found they’re way up high.

 A              D       E   F#
These things bring me down down down
 C#         B          A
These things keep me down.  2X

 E          D          A       E
When the lights flash they are in
 E         D            A        E
There’s something more than you think
 E           D             A        E
Thoughts get messed up with feelings
 E           D          A      E
A bigger thing you can’t deny
 E           D          A      E
A bigger thing you can’t deny

 E              D          A         E
When you walk across they read your mind
 E              D          A     E
Trying to see where you will find
 E            D            A     E
Reaching the dept of your low
 E            D           A     E
Aiming where you wouldn’t go.

Chrous:  A  D  E  F#  C#  B  A 2X

 C               G
These cover up live
 D                    A 
even if you don’t want to try and hide
 C                     G
The second that you leave
 D                          A
Will be the day your name will die. 3X
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