Rainbow – I Surrender chords ver. 2

I SURRENDER                            Rainbow
===========                            Composed by Russ Ballard

Opening Riff:
|G5 | | | |Verse:
C5 C5 D5 F5 F5 G5 G5 F5 G5 A5 Bb5 F5 G5 G5 F5 G5I surrender to your heart babe do anything that you want me to do
C5 C5 D5 F5 F5 G5 G5 F5 G5 A5 Bb5 F5 G5 G5 F5 G5please be tender I'm in your hands girl this is a feeling I never knew
|G5 |
Eb F Bb Eb GmYou know I tried to make it on my own. That's not the way it was meant to be
Eb F Bb Eb Cm/A DSpend my time waiting by the phone, oh darling come back to me
Gm Eb F Dm Eb Cm Eb D I surrender, I surrender I'm giving up the role of pretender.
Gm Eb F Dm Eb Cm D Oh be tender, girl be tender can't you feel the love that I send you
|:Gm |Cm |F |Bb |Eb |D :| x2 I surrende -- ee ---- er. Oooh -- ooo --ooo....
Opening riff (the latter half only) |G5 | | Verse: I remember, seems like a lifetime. Can't believe it's a matter of days since you left me. I'm near to heartbreak, I want you so bad don't turn away. What does it take to stay by my side? You know I'll do, what you want me to. Don't take away this feeling inside, I'm still in love with you. Chorus: I surrender, I surrender I'm giving up the role of pretender oh be tender, girl be tender can't you feel the love that I send you? I surrendee -- ee -- eer. I surrendee -- ee -- eer. Bridge:
|Gm | | | | Ooo -- ooh! Yea -- aah!
Chorus: I surrender, I surrender darling now won't you be tender I surrender, oh surrender feel the love that I send you I surrendee -- ee -- eer. I surrendee -- ee -- eer. Instrumental:(repeat as you wish) |:Gm |Cm |F |Bb |Eb |D :| -- TIPS AND REMARKS -- On some notations the chords during the opening riff are marked for example: |Gm Eb/G|Cm/G |x2 As I recall that might be the way it was written on the publised song book, but I don't hear Rainbow playing it that way. What you hear on the opening riff is basically this:
For a more advanced technique you can try this. The bend should actually be more like a "prebend". The two strings should really ring in unison. In the studio recording this was probably done in multiple takes, but Richie also plays this live on some recordings.
The "Cm/A" is played as open chord arpeggio. The first time the latter half sounds like a triplet to me:
[ - 3 - ]e|--------3-------|B|------4----4----|G|----5---------5-|D|--5-------------|A|0---------------|E|----------------|
...and the second time regular 1/8's:
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