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Best Old Friend
Tracy Nelson / Andy McMahon / The Glow 1979

As recorded by Bonnie Raitt on the album The Glow 1979

C- F C- FC-7
Fate is mighty cruelFWhere true love is concernedC-7
It seems you give out more / Than you ever have returned F Lately I have tried C-7 To make it on my own F Another nite has passed |D G Looks like I^?m bound to be alone |C-7 Bound to be alone Now solitude is fine When you really need it When your soul is dry Sometimes loneliness can feed it When you need a lover You know there^?s nothin^? else will do When you need love most You know it turns it^?s back on you |A- F |C | Oh, I can make it thru without your company G |C | I only wish I knew why you won^?t comfort me F G I thot that I could count on you |A- C To hear me cryin^? out |F D I guess that^?s one comfort |2/4 G Bb |C- |F |C- |F | I will learn to do without Fallin love too easily But never quite so fast so you are not the first and, lord You sure won^?t be the last The thing about the situation C- F That makes me feel so sad C- F I could^?ve been the best old friend |D G C- F |C- / | That you have ever had I could^?ve been the best old friend That you have ever had | = bar line; / = play same as previous chord No bar line = chord gets entire measure's time Within bar lines chords divide measure accordingly transcribed by OtMan Otto Marten marten@sky.net
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