Rammstein - Schnsucht tab

Once again its me and i got this preety good.

e]------------------------------------||------------------------------||B]------------------------------------||------------------------------||G]------------------------------------||------------------------------||D]------------------------------------||------------------------------||A]-----0-0-0-8p7-0-9p7-0-10-0-0-9-8p7-||-0-0-0-8p7-9p7-0-10-0-0-9-8p7-||D]-----0-0-0-8p7-0-9p7-0-10-0-0-9-8p7-||-0-0-0-8p7-9p7-0-10-0-0-9-8p7-||P.m. . . . . . . .
And that is it for this song its basically a riff. but if you have n/e problems bubba_blink@hotmail.com
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