Ramones - Needles And Pins chords version 1

Ramones - Needles and Pins

Capo 4th Fret

Intro: D  D5  D  D5  Dsus4  D  D5  D  D5 

DI saw her today
I saw her face
BmIt was a face I loved
DAnd I knew, I had to run away
BmAnd get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away
D And still they begin
BmNeedles and pins
GBecause of all my pride
AThe tears I'm gonna hide
DOh, thought I was smart
I'd won a heart
BmDidn't think I do
But now you see
DShe's worse to him and me
Let her go ahead
Bmtake this love instead
And one day she will see
D Just how to say "please"
BmGet down on her knees
GAyeah, that's how they begin
AShe'll feel those needles and pins
AHurtin' her, hurtin' her
F#m E Why can't I stop and tell myself I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong
D C#Why can't I stand up, and tell myself I'm strong
F# Because I saw her today, I saw her face
D#min It was the face of love, and I knew
F#I had to run away
D#min And get down on my knees and pray, that they go away
F# D#minAnd still it begins, needles and pins
B C#Because of all my pride, the tears I gotta hide
F#Needle and pins
Needle and pins Needle and pins
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