Ramones – Cretin Family tab

ramones-cretin family

tabbed by drinkdrankpunk8@hotmail.com

Im tabbing this from greatest hits live so if the studio track is different 
than this tab, that is why.

its incredibly easy

(its in standard tuning in case you didnt notice)

the chorus goes like this

E|-----B|-----G|-7---D|-7--- <--it plays this over and over while joey goes A|-5--- "cretin family cretin family..."E|-----
and then when he sings "everyones against me" and "oi oi oi oi" it goes like this"
E|---------------B|---------------G|-10-10-9-9-8-7-D|-10-10-9-9-8-7-A|-8--8--7-7-6-5-E|---------------(the intro is the chorus without the words)
for the first part of the verse, play
E|----- E|-----B|----- B|-----G|-7--- G|-8---D|-7--- a few times and then D|-8--- the same number of timesA|-5--- A|-6---E|----- E|-----
for the second part play
E|----- E|-----B|----- B|-----G|-5--- G|-7---D|-5--- a few times and then D|-7--- the same number of timesA|-3--- A|-5---E|----- E|-----
and then at the end just play the verse part 1 while joey says "everyones against me, oi oi oi oi" over and over then end on
i didnt say the number of strums or anything cause its pretty easy to figure out when you listen to the song. You probably dont even need a tab but here it is anyway. on a final note- THE RAMONES KICK ASS
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