Ramones – Like A Drug I Never Did Before tab

Joey Ramone
"Don't Worry About Me"
Track 07

    C#         E               F#       G#
My head gonna blow brains all over the floor
Pressure like I never felt it before

        F#                                    C#                E-C#
Like a drug I never did before / It?s like a drug I?ve never done
        F#                     C#   B   A   G#   C#
Like a drug I never did before

A little edgy, yeah, I like it that way
A bit more relaxed ? much better that way

Chorus        This ain't fun, no

C#         A  G#
              It?s like a drug
              It?s like a drug
              It?s like a drug
              It?s like a drug

Solo over Verse

Hanging in the lobby of the Chelsea hotel
On a wild, psychedelic night, pretty wild


Demons swirling in an OCD pond
My body is vibrating, I?m gone, gone, gone

So I mentioned before how much I hate tabbing lead, so I'll let someone
else get to it, if they will.  Then again, nobody posted these Joey
Ramone songs yet, so maybe nobody will bother.  It's a travesty of justice
that people waste their time on so much crap music, when there are so many
GREAT songs there are out there.  Joey and gang at their worst are
so much more inspired and inspiring than 95% of what you'll hear or see
on the radio or TV.  The media sucks!

Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us
           wordy evidence of the fact.
                     --George Eliot
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