Ramones – Today Your Love Tomorrow The World tab

***********TODAY YOUR LOVE, TOMORROW THE WORLD ******************

 [ CGE  (4x)  DE  (4x) ]       
      C                  G            E
I'm a shock trooper in a stupor yes I am.       
      C                     G               E     
I'm a Nazi schatze y'know I fight for fatherland. 
I'm a schock trooper...                
   D             E                    
   Little German boy                  
   D             E                     
   Being pushed around                 
   D             E                     
   Little German boy                   
   D           E                       
   In a German town.                   
I'm a shock trooper...         
I'm a shock trooper...                   

        A                D          E  
      Today your love, tomorrow the world.  (5x)
[ ADE ]
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