Ramones - Bad Brain tab

Song: Bad Brain
Artist: The Ramones
Album: Road to Ruin
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e-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------| Riff 1D-555---------7-5---|A-333-555-777-5-3---|E-----333-555-------|
e-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-----888-----8-6---| Riff 2 {[(Verse)]}A-666-666-888-6-4---|E-444-----666-------|
e------------------|B------------------|G------------------| Riff 3D------------------|A-777-555-00000000-|E-555-333-22222222-|
Song Order Riff 1 4x's Riff 2 4x's Riff 3 2x's Riff 2 4x's Riff 3 2x's Riff 2 4x's Riff 1 4x's Riff 2 6x's {[(Twice with guitar 1 then the other one comes in)]} Wierd Bridge Thing Riff 3 10x's {[(Let Ring)]}
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