Ramshackle Glory – More About Alocholism chords

Intro (D-F-D-F-D-F-A-G-F-D)x2

D Em This car is a war machine that runs on nicotine and gasoline
G A D-d-d-don't you fucking know this is the wrong side of the road?
D A Bm GWho needs brakes when it's all down-hill from here?
F# G AAnd if we ain't died yet then maybe we never will
D F G A# CBut I don't wanna burn out, so won't you please set me on fire again?
D F G A# CI woke up afraid of losing everything; thank god that I already have
D F G A# CSo if you love me then listen: mind your own fucking business!
D F G A# CIf you love me enough to stay, then please love me enough to stay...
Intro:(D-F-D-F-D-F-A-G-F-D)x2enough to stay away
D Em I swear on my last cigarette that I'd love you my
G A D d-d-darling I'd love you if I could, but since the day I was born
Em G AIt's been too late for me to be anything but what I am tonight
D A Bm GAnd what I am is drunk and what I am is mean in your passenger seat
F# G ASeat belts are for people who have time to die; hell, I don't even have time to sleep
D F G A# CBecause I don't wanna miss a moment of loathing everything that I see
D F G A# CI stay up nights afraid of everything, 'til all that's left is the shadows and me
D F G A# CAsk me from sunrise to sunset: no, I ain't left the house yet
D F G A# CI finally love you enough to stay... enough to stay away
Bridge ( D F A# C)
D F# G AAw shit, I wish I had a job to quit
D F# G AI wish I had a boss that I could tell to fuck off
D F# G AGive me the satisfaction of a dramatic exit
D F# G AAnd not just a long car ride and a short goodbye in a parking lot
Intro once. (Ohohoh)
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