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Rancid – Another Night tab

Intro:E-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G--7-------5-------7-6-7-------5-------7-6--|D--7---3---5---5---7-6-7---3---5---5---7-6--|A--5---3---3---5---5-4-5---3---3---5---5-4--|E------1-------3-----------1-------3--------| D F C G D-C#-D F C G D-C#
Verse: D F C G (4x)
Chorus:E------------------|B------------------|G--5-----------5---|D--5---5---3---5---|A--3---5---3---3---|E------3---1-------| C G F C
Over bass solo: D F C G Order: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Intro, Verse, Chorus, Intro, Bass solo, repeat first verse, Chorus, Intro Lyrics: (Verse) In the dark with the Oakland skyline. As I cross the city I avoid land mines. All I wanna do, is make it through without dying, all I wanna do, is keep on trying. (Chorus) Another night, in the streets for me. Another night, no sanctuary Another night, come and watch me bleed. Another night, in the streets for me. (Verse)She wouldn't move until the coast was clear. She always knew the final battle was near, if you got a bag of dope, she will give it up for free, if you got a song of hope, it will help her see, Help Her See! (Repeat chorus) (Repeat 1st verse) (Repeat chorus) Right. . . NOW! That's the song. E-mail me if you have any questions, comments, requests, or anything else. Thanx Luke
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