Rancid - I Wanna Riot tab

			I WANNA RIOT - Rancid

Transcribed by: Danny Fear

I found that the version of this song already on OLGA to be completely
wrong (maybe I'm both crazy and stupid). Anyway this is a version that
I know works. I tabbed the first part, but then I got fed up with it. The
rest of the song uses either of the three chord "sets" that I tabbed in
the beginning.


My way: (sounds good when you play alone)

D F G D D F G __e|--2----1----3------2--2----1----3----| |B|--3----1----3------3--3----1----3----| |G|--2----2----4------2--2----2----4----| |D|--0----3----5------0--0----3----5----| rep. (xtimes) |A|-------------------------------------| |E|-------------------------------------| |
Probably the right way: |e|-------------------------------------| |B|-------------------------------------| |G|--11---14---16-----11-11---14---16---| \D|--12---15---17-----12-12---15---17---| rep. (xtimes) > Same thingA|--12---15---17-----12-12---15---17---| /E|--10---13---15-----10-10---13---15---| |
Alternate right way: |e|-------------------------------------| |B|--7----10---12-----7--7----10---12---| |G|--7----10---12-----7--7----10---12---| |D|--7----10---12-----7--7----10---12---| rep. (xtimes) |A|--5----8----10-----5--5----8----10---| |E|-------------------------------------| __|
Bass (I think):G|-------------------------------------|D|--0----3----5------0--0----3----5----|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
D F Ge|--------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------|D|--3-3-3--3--2--3--6--7-------3-3-3--3--3--2--5---5--5--3--2---|rep. A|------------------------5-------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------| OI!
Verse: Crd. prog.: D D F G (use either of the three crd. alternatives above) Chorus: Backing guitar: Crd. prog.: D D D D D D D D D D D D F G Lead Guitar (or bass; I dunno) Crd. prog.: D D D D F G Written by: Rancid LYRICS I saw a man, get the beat dead Took his money outta his wallet and fell dead on the curb I saw them gather celebrate the crime Teacher knows were bout to learn a lesson of their kind I raised my hand, I got another question If I start a riot, will I get protection? Cause I'm the kid who got a lot of problems If I throw a brick maybe the brick will go and solve them Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! I'm boiling up, city's on heat Red alert tension, you know it's on the street Code blue, city of the dead Silence of the night with the lights bloody red See how we do this, see how we ride Throw a brick, light a fuse, it starts to blow, duck inside Your statistic hammered on my brain Brand it with another, another pawn in the game Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! In front of me the bakery Gettin outta line, a dine in, burnin' burglary My place is burning, burning so quick Burning like a candle at the end of its wick Phil, I turned the dial, I turned the channel I turned it to a monster fight on the eternal battle I need some help man, there is no doubt If I'm gonna go down I'm gonna take somebody out Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! Oh, yeah, I wanna riot! Riot! I Wanna Riot by Rancid Drop-D Tuning
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