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Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 06:54:48 -0500 (EST)
From: wbknox@unity.ncsu.edu
Subject: CRD: the_bottle.crd by Rancid

Song: The Bottle
Band: Rancid
Album: Rancid (1993)
Written by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman
Transcribed by Luke Knox (lukeknox@iname.com)

I just bought this CD, and this is my favorite song so far.
Here it is:

Intro: (Do the xx palm muting when the bass plays)E--------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------|B--------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------|G--12-15-x-x-x-12-15-x-x-x-12-15-x-x-x-12-15-|D--------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------|A--------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------|E--------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------x-x-x-------|
Chorus: (barre chords) D A G D (2x) Verse: D C G D (2x) Bridge: C A (2x)
Riff played during bridge: C AE------8---6-6-5---------5---3-3-2--|B-----------------------------------|G--8s9---9---------5s6-----6--------|D-----------------------------------|A-----------------------------------|E-----------------------------------|
Lyrics: (Chorus) Climb in, climb in, climb inside me, pain. (Verse) Another night of drinkin', another night of being out of my head and I don't know where I was last night. Drinking on an empty stomach or an empty mind. It makes no difference when I'm way out of line. (Bridge) Things I can't remember come back to haunt me. A lot of people out there who seem to want me. Climb in the bottle and never come out. (Chorus) (Verse) I may know nothin' but I'm good at something, I will drink until the day comes up No more. One of these days gonna come out of my haze. Better hurry up, it's getting harder to come back. (Bridge) (Chorus) That's it! It's not a real tough song, except the bridge riff, but it's a great song to play, and nobody rocks like Rancid! E-mail me with comments, changes or questions. Luke
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