Rancid – East Bay Night chords

Here's the basic idea of this new song, in the solo part Tim is playing some octaves 
as Matt moves around on scales, i just have put down the background chords. 
Play it your own way and enjoy!


Bm A D G Another. East. Bay. Night.
D G East Bay Night
D G East Bay Night
D G East Bay Night
D A When the sun goes down,and the night come round,
G Dand the fog come a rollin' in.
D AWhen you cast a line to go dance one time,
G Dand an old friend invites you in.
D AHear a punk rock song and we sing along,
G Deverything's gonna be alright.
CHORUS VERSE: Well, Gramma stands on the very same land on the old house up on the hill. You can see the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, Albany over the Landfill. And we'll reminisce on the front porch under a yellow light. CHORUS SOLO: Bm----F#----G----D--A-- (2X) VERSE: Earthquakes shake, and fires take from this view I've seen it all. I've tasted smoke as the hills burned. I heard the freeway fall. When there's nothin' to say, just look into the bay. You know some things, they just feel right. CHORUS END:Play the chorus chords once again. End on D .
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