Rancid - Spirit Of 87 tab

Band: Rancid
Song: "Spirit of '87"
Album: "Indestructible"

Transcribed by: Darkasagothkirby@aol.com
nephelim,the at UG.com


VERSE: [important, only repeat PM chords]
14x 14x 14x 8x8xE:---------------------:B:---------------------:G:-2-2--7-7--4-4----4--:D:-2-2--7-7--4-4--4-4--:A:-0-0--5-5--2-2--4-2--:E:----------------2----:PM . . . . .
every once in a while he plays:E:----------:B:----------:G:-4~-7~-2~-:D:-4~-7~-2~-:A:-2~-5~-0~-:E:----------:
Sorry, the solo is way too distorted to hear under the heavy chorus.
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