Rancid – Born Frustrated tab

this tab kind of sucks...its not bad but you might wanna do some fine tuning to it
elliot M. from ct...areal baby

Band: Rancid
Song: Born Frustrated
Album: Indestructible
Tuning: Standard

Note-I use 2 finger powerchords cuz...thats just me alrighty??

E:------------------| Play that 12 times with the first 4 in weird, muddy distortionB:------------------| before the singing comes in, the second 4 times with normalG:------------------| distortion when "Is it you..." comes in, and play the last 4D:--------99999999--| when the "hey, hey, hey...is it you?" comes inA:--99-44-77777777--|E:--77-22-----------|
VERSE: X 2E:------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------|D:---------9-X16---------9-X8--11-X8--|A:--6-X16--7------6-X16--7------9-----|E:--4-------------4-------------------|
Then play the beginning segment without the first 4 times, and then the verse. Do that several times, im not sure how many. Then play...
Heres a little thingy to play during the bass fills...E:----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G:----------------------------------------------------------------------------|D:---------------------------------------------9~-----------------------------|A:--9~-----------------------4~----------------7~-----------------------------|E:--7~-----------------------2~-----------------------------------------------| *hold through bass fill * hold this too *hold this longer cuz the bass fill is longer
E:------------------|B:------------------| Play this 4 times fairly soft with just singing and a drum beatG:------------------|D:--------99999999--|A:--99-44-77777777--|E:--77-22-----------|
Then play...
E:-------------|B:-------------|G:-------------|D:------9~-----|A:--9-4-7~--9--|E:--7-2-----7--| *LIKE THE SWARMING VULTURES!!!
*=end abruptly Play that twice but last bit twice but on the second time i think you play the 7-9 powerchord on the 6th and 5th dtrings more than once and theres a pick scrape on second guitar. Then play the beginning segment a few more times, then play...
E:-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G:-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D:-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A:------9~---------4~-------------------2-222222222222222222222222222~--9--|E:------7~---------2~-------------------0-000000000000000000000000000~--7--| Is it you...whos born...frustrateeeeeeedddddddddddddd
And then your done. End the last not abruptly also. I dont know exactly how many times to play that last note, just go crazy with it. This is a very easy song and you should learn it in 1-2-3!! Please correct and/or rate this tab Tyler-"sometallkidwhoplaysguitar" or "punker10"--my old username Copyright 1999-2004 Mxtabs | Contact | Advertise | FAQ
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