Randall Zwarte Band - Winslow tab

This is #2 for me. 

Okay, this is my kind of pathetic attempt at tabbing Winslow by the RZB...

Then Eddie does a lead part:E------------------------------|B---11--9--7--6--5-5-----------|G---9---7--5--4--3-3-----4-5---|D------------------------2-3---|(x4)A------------------------------|E------------------------------| \----P-M----/
During the above, Randy plays the PMed 16ths. Then the bass comes on like a sugar rush and they do a verse chord and then they both do the PMs.
Verse Chord:E-----------|B-----------|G----7------|D----7------|A--3/5------|E-----------|
That's about all of the song I can tab... Comments, questions, or other things of the like can be sent to: vospader13@gmail.com
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